Прочойс / pro-choice

Abortion is a human right

Having an abortion doesn’t make you a bad person

Abortion is normal

«Аборт» — не бранное слово

Abortion providers are heroes; Keep abortions legal; I ❤️ abortion providers; Save repro rights

Аборты всегда должны оставаться безопасными, легальными и доступными

If your feminism is anti-abortion, it's not feminism

Abortion is healthcare

Pro-life. Sounds better than all women should be Christian baby factories. Even if it kills them.

Keep your filthy laws off my silky drawers

I love someone who had an abortion & so do you

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to expand access to abortion with you

My body, my choice


My body, my choice, my space

Пролайф-феминизма не существует

There is nothing feminist about being pro-life

Тебе не нужно иметь детей, чтобы быть полноценной. Не иметь детей — это нормально. 🐦

Pro-lifers when children are shot dead in schools

Pro-cats, pro-choice, pro-feminism


Attacks on abortion anywhere threaten to our rights everywhere

Image depicts four activists outside the Supreme Court. Abortion is healthcare — women aren't the only people who have abortions — abortion restrictions exist to control us not protect us

Women are complete human beings, not potential mothers. Motherhood is just an option.

Abortion providers are superheroes

My feminism understand women needs abortion